Interdepartmental Program in Polymer Engineering

The following Departments participate in the Interdepartmental Program in Polymer Engineering:
Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

The Interdepartmental Program in Polymer Engineering was established in answer to marketplace demands from the ongoing development of the polymers and plastics industries in Israel for scientists and engineers in the fields of polymers and plastics. Education and research in polymer science and engineering is spread amongst a number of Departments at the Technion. Studies towards a Masters in Science (MSc), Masters in Engineering (ME), or Doctorate (PhD) through this program enhance the ability of graduates to integrate rapidly into the polymers and plastics industries.

Research and Study Areas:
1. Polymer Physics
2. Polymer Synthesis
3. Polymer Processing
4. Polymer Composites
5. Polymers in Biotechnology
6. Polymers for Biomedical Applications
7. Polymer Materials Science and Engineering

Course List: Core Courses and Complementary Courses

List of Recommended Courses – Spring Semester, 2020 (Polymers)

List of Recommended Courses – Spring Semester, 2020 (Management)

New Course: Polymer Rheology

New Course: Polymer Processing

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